Links for Further Reading and Viewing

Archive Team on GeoCities

The Archive Team, a collective of archivists, is working all the time to monitor and make records of internet culture. This page includes a brief discussion of the history of GeoCities and the Archive Team's efforts to save and share GeoCities data.

Cameron's World

A digital art project created with found text and graphic materials from GeoCities. By Cameron Askin.

Internet Archive

The Internet Archive has been archiving the online world since 1996. At the end of GeoCities' time, they began to archive sites nominated as having special importance by members of the public, along with other sites discovered by crawling public directories. You can search their archive if you remember the specific URL of a GeoCities site, but if the site had very few visitors or links, it will probably not be there.

Internet Archaeology

Internet Archaeology collects and shares graphics from the early internet, especially focusing on found images from GeoCities sites.

One Terabyte of Kilobyte Age

Net artists Dragan Espenschied and Olia Lialina discuss GeoCities and the early internet on this research blog. This post, "GeoCities' Afterlife and Web History" offers a good starting point for thinking about why GeoCities is of so much interest to so many people — and why it is important to remember that GeoCities was not the early internet, simply one part of it that was lucky enough to be preserved.

One Terabyte of Kilobyte Age Photo Op

This Tumblr blog, also by Dragan Espenschied and Olia Lialina, posts screenshots of sites from the GeoCities archive.


OoCities is the source for all the visuals used in GeoCities Memory. You can browse most of the sites that were saved from GeoCities here as well as search for sites whose URLs you remember.