Some example biographies from GeoCities websites

Biography of elleon accessible at This biography feels very representative of the communication style on many GeoCities websites, especially the nod to the weirdness of sharing personal information online.

Ahhh, the de rigeur Narrative of Self page! This is where you get to stickybeak into the life of the blushing designer of this little web-corner.

In a nutshell: I'm genetically Russian, born in San Francisco in 1966, raised in Melbourne, Australia; have been a chemistry student, a philosophy student, a librarian, a web designer.

Until recently, I lived in Melbourne, Australia. In a bedsitter with a view, a fat tabby called Emma, my Purr Mac and six bookcases.

In late Feb 99 I moved to the lovely city of Tver, Russia. It's about 160km/100 miles north-west of Moscow, on the way to St. Petersburg. I have a job doing some assorted bilingual editing and proofreading and translating, plus web work.

All the books I mailed from Australia arrived, and I'm very glad to add that within months a black kitten decided to live with me. Then a PC appeared in the kitchen.

So my basic lifestyle requirements are taken care of - books, cat, computer and modem, reasonable supply of coffee and chocolate.

I'm pretty happy so far, and language skills are improving rapidly. My current slang repertoire has really picked up since I started reading the best Russian jokes site at

What do I miss? Large bookshops with thousands of books in English. Same for music stores. And it's been ages since I saw any Xena, Trek, or South Park...

I still can't cope with writing a resume for myself on this page. Welcome to decontextualized information.

Learn to like it.

This shorter, simpler bio is also a good example of the way people often described themselves on interest-focused websites. It can be found at Faeygirl's website at To me this type of bio feels more contemporary and more similar to one you might find on someone's blog today or in a Twitter bio.

I love working on my websites.

I love working with PSP7.

I have a little tattoo collection.

As of now... I have twelve.

I am considering sleeving my left arm half-way down to my elbow.

I love country (especially the Dixie Chicks), alternative, and pop music.


Candles and collecting Mermaids

I love spending time with my family and friends.

Movies are always fun...Horror movies are my favorite.

I love all kinds of art.

I own my own business: Enchanted Designs Fairies, Mermaids, and More

Biography of David Masters accessible at under the link BIO. There is something very touching about this biography in its length and odd, dull specificity. David added links to all the locations mentioned, which I have not included because they are mostly dead links.

Born July 28th 1978 in Spokane Washington. I moved to Kirkland Washington. when I was a few months old. I lived in the same house all my childhood life 22 years. I went to Rose Hill Elementary from age 5-12. Continued on with junior high not at Rose Hill Junior but NorthStar Junior High. Where I carried out a job with Seattle Times Newspaper. I stayed at Northstar all three years grades 7-9. Then I went to high school at Lake Washington High School. I had a job with construction two summers in a row. During my junior high and high school years I was very faithful.

I studied and followed my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ at Bellevue First Presbyterian Church. After I graduated High School I got a job with Walgreens Drug store for about 4 or 5 years and completed two years at Belleue Community College before moving on to Central Washington University. I started out in the computer science program and moved into the Administrative Management and Business program.

I moved on to living with a best friend in Redmond, WA for two years. We shared an apartment while I working for my Dad at his law offices in Bellevue, WA.

After two years of living in Redmond I decided to move again. I then went to Seattle, WA to live with my brother. It was quite a change from the suburban life I was used to. I was still working for my dad. This time I was commuting by bus to work every day. It was an easy 1 hour bus ride.

After about a year and a half of commuting to Bellevue and 29 years as a lawyer, my father retired from law. Now I was out of work for a few months. I looked around at all the jobs there were and could not decide what fit me. A lot of jobs had some aspect I just could not force myself into learning or just too much responsibility. So I went back to Walgreens and applied to work. There were two on Capitol Hill in Seattle. I could walk to both in under 10 or 15 minutes. And little did I know one of them was a store my former manager was managing. I got the job in less than an hour.

I am now living in Bremeton, WA and working once again for Walgreens Drug Store. I do not know what the future wil bring. I have always wanted a job working with kids or a Christian setting wherever that may be.

Biography of erika, found at

heya kids! it's me again. for those of you who don't know me, my name is erika. i'm 19 and attend the university of pittsburgh on scholarship for english literature and philosophy.

i'm 5'5', 110 lbs, with blonde hair and blue eyes. i'm ugly, too. Not just ugly, really REALLY grotesquely ugly. And i have "big" ankles.

oh. i listen to punk rock, techno, IDM and hip-hop. not so much punk rock anymore, though. i can't live without at the drive in, lamb, muziq, fourtet, sneaker pimps, dj shadow and boards of canada. i love watching weird movies and reading lots of books. i'm a huge nerd, i know. i love t.s. eliot and w.b. yeats. mm. i have the back of my neck pierced and an industrial through my ear. i like discussing big philosophical concepts and sounding smart even though i have no idea what i'm talking about. here's a hint: no one ever really knows what they're talking about.

things i want to do before i die: speak spanish fluently, learn to sew, go to culinary school, make a movie, learn to breakdance, become a ninja, become a liscensed massotherapist and open my own clothing store.

let's see, when I was 7, my sister convinced me that the yellow yolk in hard boiled eggs were dead baby chickens. i refused to eat eggs until i was 10. but that's okay, nothing a few years of therapy won't fix.

anywho, that's it. i'm quite boring, really.